The LWAG will meet at least once a year, with additional meetings as required to discuss specific issues. All meetings to be held in the Lantzville area.


• Continue to work with Nanoose First Nation and maintain our excellent relationship

• Maintain forest cover surrounding the community of Lantzville as a buffer between the community and private forest lands

• Manage for continuous, long term sustainability of the ecosystem while maintaining the ecological functions and integrity of the forest.

• Maintain or enhance the structural and spatial complexity of the forest to foster a biologically diverse forest environment.

• Must be economically viable and maintain a wide range of environmental and social benefits to the community.

• Provide the opportunity for continuous community participation in decision making throughout the term of licence.

• Ensure the protection of hydrological characteristics and water courses.

• Ensure steps are taken to protect and maintain existing recreational trails and advise as to any recreational improvements that could be undertaken

• Provide a working urban interface forest to educate both public and industry of our practices


The group has representation from Nanoose First Nation, the community, local government, Ministry of Forests Lands and Recreation, and Woodlot ownership.  The group will call upon outside professionals when needed.  The public will be encouraged to bring issues forward to members of the LWAG or through the website.

The purpose of the LWAG committee is to investigate and discuss issues and concerns and to provide recommendations and options regarding management strategies to the Woodlot operator.  Prior to activities in the woodlot, the LWAG will meet, review area of activities and address concerns.  The public can voice concerns to the LWAG members.

The following people have Formed the new LWAG committee:

• 2 Members of the community of Lantzville: Linda Westby, Brian Blood

Members of the Lanztville Parks and Recreations Committee: Dot Neary

• Fred Spears, Director of Public Works, District of Lantzville

• David Paul, RPF, Resource Officer, South Island District, MOFLNR

• Jessica McKierahan, Recreation Officer (Sunshine Coast – South Island Recreation District),


• Erik Holbek, RPF, Econ Consulting,

• John Gregson, RPF, and Dave Gregson, ASCT, Woodlot Owners, and

• Brent Edwards, Nanoose First Nation

The South Island Forest District awarded 244 Hectares of provincial forest land as Woodlot 1475 to John Gregson on January 5, 2005, with the Management Plan approval on January 1, 2006.

Members of the community of Lantzville expressed concerns in regards to this woodlot.  The Lantzville Woodlot Advisory Group (LWAG) was formed to work with the South Island Forest District to investigate and discuss issues in detail and to provide recommendations regarding management strategies for the licence area.

Woodlot 1475

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