JANUARY 6th 2021

Please be advised that starting on January 18th we will start active logging.


JANUARY 23/24 2019

Please be advised that for the above dates we will be doing wind thrown salvage at Woodlot 1475.


NOVEMBER 5th 2018

Please be advised that we are currently conducting a planned burn at Woodlot 1475.


APRIL 16th 2018

The LWAG met to discuss upcoming harvesting.


JUNE 23rd 2016

A huge Thank You to BC HYDRO MoFLNRO Island Timberlands for helping block 4X4 access on Lorenzen Lane.


APRIL 28th 2016

The LWAG met on Monday April 25th, 2016.

We will be starting road construction Monday May 2nd 2016.


We will be constructing;

-  Leroy mainline to the end

- Sywash mainline to the end

- A new road of start Sywash road in Cutblock 13-01, go on to hydro right of way, cross Hardy Creek then southwest into the timer and tie in with old logging road.


DECEMBER 21st, 2015

The Woodlot has completed operations for the year. 


NOVEMBER 30th 2015

We are planning to continue falling and road construction on the Leroy Main for appoximately another 225 Lineal metors, starting December 2, 2015.


OCTOBER 9th 2015

We plan on starting logging in Woodlot1475. We will not commence until October 9th 2015 at earliest. 



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